Get Legal Help For A Fair Divorce Settlement

No one can really explain why people who were so in love at their weddings grow to dislike each other so intently, they want a divorce. Things can get ugly when one or both people want more than their share of accumulated assets. Then, who will raise the children from this marriage? Both parties may want full custody of the children. Sometimes one partner tries to hide assets or keep far more property and assets than is fair to their partner. Legal help is the only answer to a fair divorce.

Fair Distribution Of Assets

One of the largest points of contention is the distribution of assets when a marriage breaks up. Two people can not live as cheaply separately as they did together. A break up of a marriage or a partnership costs each party financially. Now, instead of one house or rental property, there will be two separate living arrangements to pay for. Investments and savings accounts must be fairly divided. Retirement plans must be dealt with. Add to this the anger and resentment one or both people feel and it can become very unpleasant.

If the divorce is going to be contentious, both parties should seek legal counsel. Each lawyer will protect their client in the divorce proceedings. It may work better for the two lawyers to study the situation and come up with an equitable monetary settlement to present to the divorcing couple. Adjustments can be made according to legalities, not personal antagonism. Many factors must be considered legally. Who brought the most to the marriage? Was there a prenuptial agreement? Who is to blame for the divorce or separation?

Child And Pet Custody

Yes, both child and pet custody must be established. Some couples don’t have children but they fight over who gets the pet or pets. Child custody is a very hard decision to make for most couples. Both think they will be the best parent for the children to live with. The parent raising the children will want to receive adequate child support. The noncustodial parent will want to pay as little child support as possible.

A family law firm with extensive experience can help couples end the marriage or partnership in the fairest way possible. Contact for additional information and services.