Can the phone be placed on the side of the pillow while sleeping? Need to shut down? It is finally clear!

In the Internet age, no matter whether it is life, work or entertainment, we are all inseparable from the universal tool of mobile phones. Many people do not leave their mobile phones all day long. It is a habit of many people to hold a mobile phone to watch video before going to bed. After sleeping, the mobile phone is also placed on the pillow.

However, when the phone is placed on the side of the pillow, does the radiation generated by the phone hurt our body? Need to shut down? Let’s get to know the truth~

The mobile phone transmits signals, and a lot of hardware chips are assembled inside. It is easy to cause damage to our human body through close contact for a long time.

Cell phone radiation can endanger human health

Radiation is everywhere in our daily lives, including cell phones and radiation. When people use a mobile phone, the mobile phone transmits radio waves to the transmitting base station, and the radio waves are more or less absorbed by the human body. These radio waves are mobile phone radiation.

When the phone is closest to the head, the radiation radiation is most likely to cause harm. Radiation from mobile phones can stimulate the brain, making the brain unable to rest properly, causing headaches, dizziness, insomnia, multiple dreams and hair loss. Some people may have a sensation on their face, which may cause brain tumors in the long run.

However, if it is only once or twice, it should be no big problem. After all, as long as it is a qualified mobile phone produced by a regular manufacturer, the radiation intensity generated during its work is within the safe range and will not affect human health.

May cause spontaneous combustion or explosion accidents

Since the advent of the mobile phone, news of spontaneous combustion or explosion has emerged in an endless stream. Although similar events have been gradually reduced in recent years, it is impossible to guarantee 100% security.

Normally, there are two reasons for causing the self-ignition or explosion of the mobile phone: one is that the battery is unqualified, there is no automatic disconnection after full charge, the battery voltage is increased due to continuous charging, and the internal self-ignition; the other is that the battery is self-ignited due to pressure deformation.

But when you sleep, put your phone on the side of the pillow. If you accidentally cover the pillow or quilt on the phone, long-term coverage will limit the circulation of air, which will cause high temperatures, which may cause accidental spontaneous combustion explosion. Although the probability of such an accident is very low, the professor reminds everyone to be careful.

That is about the need to shut down the phone when sleeping, many people also have some misunderstandings, the following is the moment to uncover the truth!

Proper shutdown can extend the life of your phone

Some people are used to shutting down every day, thinking that this can make the phone rest, thus extending the service life. Some people do not shut down for a long time and think it is unnecessary. In fact, this is the wrong approach!

First of all, shutting down the phone every day is not good. In the process of turning the phone on and off, all the data needs to be reloaded and read. Not only must the network be searched again, but the memory storage should be read and written again. The long-term frequent switch will cause loss to the storage original, and the more The more frequent the loss, the greater the damage to the CPU of the mobile phone every day.

Secondly, the mobile phone does not shut down for a long time, and it is not good for the mobile phone. I don’t know if you find that when your mobile phone suddenly becomes very stuck, it will return to normal if you turn it off and then turn it on. This means that if the phone does not shut down for a long time, it will make the phone get stuck. In addition, it will reduce battery life.

Therefore, from the perspective of using the mobile phone reasonably and extending the life of the mobile phone, it is most reasonable to shut down once a week, remember not to shut down or restart too often. If you want to put your phone on the side of the pillow, it is best to turn it off.

Restarted at intervals, the phone is smoother

Although the mobile phone does not need to be closed every day, it will become more and more stuck when it is not turned off for a long time, because the mobile phone will inevitably generate cache and junk files during use.

It is recommended to restart the phone once a week. During the restart process, the software will close the software background running program, automatically clean up some system caches and junk files, and make the phone more smooth.

In addition, relative to the shutdown, the restart can directly clear the data garbage to the background and software, but there is no need to have a complicated detection process like shutdown, so the time and power consumption will have a slight advantage.

Frequent shutdowns consume battery power

Some people think that turning off the phone at night can save the power of the phone. But in fact, after each shutdown and then boot, the phone must reload a lot of data, search signals, etc., the CPU runs at high speed, it will also consume a certain amount of mobile phone power. So, you don’t have to shut down every day.

Turn on at night, turn on the do not disturb mode

If you don’t shut down if you sleep at night, but don’t want to be disturbed by others, you can try the anti-disturb mode on your phone. After turning on the mobile phone do not disturb mode, you can set the anti-interference time period yourself, and you can also set the contacts that are allowed to be disturbed to prevent phone harassment.

All in all, it is best to put the phone far away from the human body before going to bed, and turn on the Do Not Disturb mode at the same time. It is best to restart/shut down once a week.related articles china mobile.html