One Manufacturer’s Clever Approach to Making Memory Foam Feel Cooler

Memory foam is an impressive material in many ways and is generally well suited to use in mattresses. That ought to be obvious enough to anyone who has seen how it has taken the mattress industry by storm over the course of the last ten or fifteen years.

Even so, relying solely on memory foam tends to yield a mattress that has some definite weaknesses. Prime among these, as far as most sleepers are concerned, is the way this form of foam likes to trap heat and become overly warm even in relatively cool conditions.

Fortunately, mattress designers and manufacturers have come up with some effective ways of countering this inherent drawback of the material. Mattress maker Purple has been one of the most successful of all, as those who look online for more info about its approach will discover.

A Space-Age Material With a Downside

The material now widely known as memory foam was invented more than half a century ago by a scientist working for NASA. Although it took some time to achieve widespread commercial acceptance and uptake, memory foam truly hit its stride once it started appearing in mattresses several decades later.

A mattress that is able to conform to the body of the person sleeping on it is one that will almost always feel more comfortable than a less-compliant surface. At the same time, it is important that a mattress should be able to spring back with some degree of responsiveness so as to avoid feeling saggy or mushy after the sleeper shifts position.

Memory foam does a good job of accomplishing both these tasks, but tends to discourage the circulation of air. In fact, the open cells that make up the foam trap small pockets of air that grow warmer, by default, with every bit of human contact.

A Simple Way to Make Memory Foam Cooler and More Comfortable

Purple addresses this universally recognized issue in an ingenious way. The company’s Smart Comfort Grid technology spreads ventilation channels throughout an uppermost layer of memory foam. Carefully designed to maximize airflow, these conduits help keep the material’s temperature down in just about any situation. As a result, Purple mattresses are regarded as some of the coolest of all.