India’s e-commerce mad promotion will sell $1 billion in smartphones in 6 days: 70% from Chinese manufacturers

India’s e-commerce mad promotion will sell $1 billion in smartphones in 6 days: 70% from Chinese manufacturers
October 10-15 is India’s traditional holiday shopping season, and in six days, India’s two major e-commerce platforms Flipkart and Amazon are also fully prepared, and from the actual transaction volume, the smartphone is still India. The item that the user likes to buy.

Statistics from Counterpoint, a market research firm, show that in the six-day holiday shopping season, the Indian market will sell smartphones worth more than $1 billion, which will set a new record, and if it is based on this scale In the past six days, the total sales of Indian smartphones will exceed the total sales of US Black Friday smartphones last year.

At present, more than one-third of the smartphones sold in the Indian mobile phone market come from online channels, which is the highest in the world. As the holiday shopping season begins, this proportion will rise, especially for the local e-commerce platform. The offer is launched, and Counterpoint expects that in this 6-day promotion period, more than 85% of smartphone sales in India will be completed in online channels.

Smartphone holiday sales trend

In addition, this statistic also shows that the current price of Indian mobile phones is between 10,000 rupees (about 940 yuan) to 15,000 rupees (about 1400 yuan), and this price is the most popular. At least 18% higher than last year’s promotion season.

For Chinese mobile phone manufacturers, their overall share in the Indian smartphone market is increasing, while Xiaomi, Jiajia and Glory will drive sales on Flipkart and Amazon platforms, especially Xiaomi, which is currently growing in the local market. The momentum and market share far exceed the original big brother Samsung.

Thanks to the high cost performance of domestic mobile phones, the data provided by the research institute Counterpoint also shows that Xiaomi will occupy more than half of the online channels. In October of this year, for every 10 mobile phones sold in the Indian online market, there were 7 manufacturers from mainland China.related articles china mobile.html