Innovative way: officially confirmed that the Nokia X7 is equipped with a headphone jack

Innovative way: officially confirmed that the Nokia X7 is equipped with a headphone jack
October 13 news Nokia has announced that it will hold a new product launch on October 16th, it is expected to release the Nokia X7 new mobile phone (ie Nokia 7.1 Plus) in China. Nokia mobile phone officially launched an invitation letter and a series of new notices yesterday.

One of the themes of the notice is “Sounding”, which seems to be promoting the audio performance of the new machine. However, in addition to the preview, the amount of information in this Weibo commentary is very large, and the official has confirmed it in an interesting way. This phone will be equipped with a headphone jack.

A netizen may have noticed that the USB-C interface on the bottom of the mobile phone is not equipped with a headphone jack, and he asked in the Weibo comment: “Is there a headphone jack?”

However, the official microblog of Nokia’s mobile phone denied this statement, and replied in a naughty manner: “Who said, yell at him!” Other netizens said in the commentary that this picture does not show the top of the mobile phone, but new The headset’s headphone jack may be placed at the top of the phone.

In another reply, some netizens believe that this phone is a Nokia 7.1 phone released by HMD overseas. The official microblog of Nokia’s mobile phone also denies “no”. This further indicates that this new phone should be the Nokia X7.

The Nokia X7 has already appeared in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The data shows that the phone is equipped with a 6.2-inch resolution of 2246×1080 with 4GB/6GB memory and 64GB/128GB storage. The mobile phone processor is a 2.2-GHz 8-core processor with pre-installed Android 8.1 system and a battery capacity of 3400 mAh.

In terms of photographing, the number of pixels of the main camera of the mobile phone is 8 million pixels (12 million pixels, 13 million pixels); the parameters of the secondary camera are 8 million pixels and 20 million pixels.

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